Lamp Shades


    Lamp Shade Sizing

    It's important that you get the proper size lamp shade for your lamp and that you use the appropriate size harp so that you don't see the lamp hardware below the bottom of the shade. We offer three standard size shades that will work very nicely on most lamps.

    Lamp shades have three measurements:

    1. Top Diameter - the measurement across the top.
    2. Bottom Diameter - the measurement across the bottom.
    3. Slant Height - the measurement from the top of the shade to the bottom measured on the angle of the shade.

    Standard lamp shade sizes are:  

    • Small (fits small table lamps) - 5" x 16" x 10" - Recommended harp size 8"
    • Medium (fits average table lamps) - 5" x 18" x 11" - Recommended harp size 8"
    • Large (fits larger table lamps - 6" x 20" x 12" - Recommended harp size 8"
    • X-Large (fits floor lamps) - 6" x 24" x 14" - Recommended harp size 10"

    Note:  If you are replacing a shade on a lamp that the current size works well, these are the measurements you will want to duplicate as close as possible. If you have a new lamp that needs a shade it can be helpful to try some different shades on that you already have to get an idea of the size that looks best. Keep in mind that you can always make adjustments by changing the harp size.